Social Media Marketing 101 – Converting Your Prospective Leads to Concrete Clients

In the past month, I have been asked numerous times about the role that social media plays in transforming skeptics to believers in order to build a steady clientele base. With more companies going viral in an effort to market their products or services with minimal financial risk, we are beginning to see an overwhelming surge of marketing through social media and networking websites. Websites that were once designed to develop personal connections are now being used by local companies and national enterprises alike to reach more individuals and produce a greater profit.

In my first segment on social media marketing, I will discuss two of the top advantages that online networking websites offer in order for your business to increase profits and establish a connection that goes beyond the keyboard:

Social networking bridges the relationship for you – No longer must you rely on cold calling in order to connect with prospective clients. By establishing a presence on one or more social media sites and engaging with your audience to best understand their interests, goals and concerns, you are opening the door to thousands and thousands of opportunities each time you log on. Say, for example, you write a post on smart cars and their positive impact on pollution reduction and energy efficiency. Not only are your readers who are enthusiastic about this topic going to likely search around your landing page for additional content, but are the ones who are much more inclined to repost your article for likeminded connections to read. Once an article begins circulating, there is no say as to where it will go and who it will reach. This is why it’s so important to generate quality content. Your words online are worth more than a thousand billboards along the highway, and are quite often the first impression you will make on strangers.

Successful media marketing on a virtual dime – One of the top advantages of utilizing websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is that it doesn’t cost a single penny to be successful. You aren’t required to invest hundreds of dollars into a campaign that falls flat. Networking sites gives companies full access to be more creative and funky in the articles they post and the information they convey. I like to think of such sites as a trial period for all those great ideas you have but aren’t sure how to execute. If you’re like me and you have ten different thoughts that are exciting you all at once, networking sites are the PERFECT opportunity to let such ideas run wild. I follow many businesses on my Twitter and LinkedIn page and it’s becoming incredibly common for businesses to link articles on content completely unrelated to their services. At first, I couldn’t wrap my head around why a sushi restaurant in the Denver area would post articles about animal rescue shelters or tips on building a treehouse, but then I caught myself reading such articles and realized that their plot to engage consumers into something that subconsciously connected two unrelated topics had worked and I, the consumer, wanted to rescue a puppy and dine at Wasabi. Thinking outside the box is what these sites are all about and social media platforms are helping companies pull readers from target markets that had not been successfully tapped into in the past.

Stay tuned for part 2 on how social media is expanding the success of businesses across the globe!

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