The Intensifying Trend of Telecommuting Opportunities

As a young freelance writer and small business owner, I can safely admit that having the ability to work from home has been the most rewarding career I’ve been fortunate to have found. While my clientele base is still in the early building process, I have already been able to discover the joy, calmness and overall flexibility that many workers in today’s world are unable to relish from their cramped cubicle spaces. Aside from the hectic commutes during rush hour and the demanding work schedules, there are countless office distractions: loud talking, the constant foot traffic passing by, cellphones buzzing and beeping at all hours of the day….It can often feel like an impossible feat to even sit down and breathe without an interruption.

While many individuals require discipline and supervision to achieve their daily duties, it’s evident that I’m far more efficient in a home environment. Even now, as I sit and sip my coffee at my desk and compose this article, I hear only the sounds I want to hear and can rest assured knowing I control the space around me at all moments of my work day.

The Expansion in Flexible Career Fields

I’m not alone in this feeling, as many others have reported similar results as well. According to data gathered by the remote job listing company, FlexJobs, work-from-home and telecommute jobs for professionals grew a whopping 118% last year.

What’s more surprising are the industries in which these positions are opening up. According to FlexJobs, some of the career fields with the highest boost in at-home job listings include:

  • Retail (+85%)
  • Travel & Hospitality (+68%)
  • Medical & Health (+64%)
  • Insurance (+51%)
  • Bilingual Services (+49%)

In an article on remote opportunities, Sara Sutton, CEO of FlexJobs stated “Not only has technology made it possible to work outside of a traditional office building, but now there are so many tools available that help increase effective communication.”

The continuous dream of self-employment is slowly becoming a reality for more and more folks, thanks to the plethora of companies offering remote opportunities with the medical and retirement benefits of an in-office salaried job. In 2015, Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Kaplan were among the businesses who posted the highest amount of telecommute opportunities. These kinds of roles are allowing more individuals the opportunity to create an optimal work-life balance and assume well-paying positions without suffering a series of consequences that often accompany career advancements.

For those in need of consistent hours and a daily routine, telecommute opportunities may not be ideal; however, if you’re among the thousands and thousands of freelancers like myself who excel in time management and can complete a task from virtually anywhere, your next big advancement may be just a click away.

For more information on FlexJobs, visit their website here.

4 thoughts on “The Intensifying Trend of Telecommuting Opportunities

    1. You’re welcome! Working from home truly is the greatest gift I’ve been given. While no month of work is the same as the last, it’s ultimately what I love most about it. The flexibility that comes with most work-from-home positions gives professionals the ability to maintain their motivation when it best suits them.


  1. I can completely relate to your whole article. I was actually smiling while I’m reading the first part where you explained how fortunate you are to work in this way. It’s nice to know that there is 118% increase in work from home jobs. I worked in a cubicle for a couple of years before I came to my current company, and it’s something I never want to go back to again. I am happy that many more people like me now have the chance to experience what I experience with telecommuting. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and that you’re one of the many employees who has the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility your company offers. Until recently, it appeared that most companies felt their employees had to be on-site to put in the time and work expected of them, and now more and more companies are realizing that quality work can be done in just about any location, as long as they’re hiring the right people!


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