Four Tips to Avoid Business Owner Burnout

Chances are, if you’ve ever considered starting your own business, you’ve entered hundreds of keywords into your Google search only to be overwhelmed by the abundance of helpful advice, mistakes to avoid, tips and tricks for success, etc. While this information may be well intended and even factual, the reality is that every business is dreamed, built, and managed differently. What works for one organization may be a cursed ship for another. As entrepreneurs, we all have different goals for our business flow, prospective clientele, and distinct measures of success. Despite our diverse visions, there are several ways in which we can set ourselves up for at the most, incredible success and prosperity and at the very least, self-growth and compassion as we navigate the waters of entrepreneurship.

1. Focus on the “SOCIAL” in social media

In an age where everyone and their brother is an influencer online, utilizing social media for the betterment of your business is a tactic that can not only help you gain awareness and increase your audience, but create meaningful relationships that can turn into strong networking opportunities and strengthen your brand. The best way to do this is to create thoughtful content that offers something for your readers and followers. Your viewers are not going to be intrigued to learn more about you as a business owner from an ambiguous caption and an image that gives little to no insight about the person or professional you’re striving to become. Be authentic with your content and posts and OWN IT. Don’t simply write what your readers want to hear, write what you want to say. Criticism comes with putting yourself out there, but take it in stride and use it as constructively as possible.

2. Keep learning

Once you decide to step on the gas pedals for your business, remember that every great leader and entrepreneur once began knowing less than they do now. Not even the most successful of CEOs and founders have all the answers. We all get it wrong and fail a handful of times. This is what makes us better at what we do and how we do it. Be open to continue educating yourself on business ownership. Interview business owners in your community, expand your library with books and podcasts from your favorite authors and entrepreneurs. Invest in a life coach to help you navigate the setbacks you are likely to experience.

3. Be patient

Now more than ever, technology has conditioned us to believe that success should be instant. Followers and likes should be gained minutes after a post goes viral; sales should happen the second we release a product or service or simply an idea. While a vision of overwhelming profit is one that can inspire and motivate us, we must remember that success can be a slow-moving vehicle. Oftentimes, the faster we climb, the faster we fall. While dreaming big is exciting and addicting when you finally hit the ground running with your business, you should be willing to take small steps to get where you initially want to be. A quote I often share with my clients is “small hinges swing big doors” and the same can be said for business owners. As much as we want our big ideas to materialize and run smoothly, it is important to anticipate setbacks and minor speed bumps along the way. You are up against no time limit except the one you set for yourself.

4. Disconnect and reflect

Give yourself permission to mourn the loss of an idea that didn’t unfold properly. Allow yourself to feel frustrated, discouraged, even defeated from time to time. You may be a business owner, but you are also human. The more gentle and compassionate you can be with yourself in times of disappointment, the more willing you will be to put in the work and try again. Failures can feel insurmountable in the moment, but can help us improve our processes and fine-tune our ideas for future endeavors.


If you’re a new business owner and are looking to meet and exceed your personal and professional goals, contact us for more information on how our consulting and coaching can help you take the first steps towards a successful venture today!

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