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5 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Mood

Ah, summertime. The perfect recipe for long, warm days of relaxation and minimal stress. With this sense of leisure, you may find yourself on the struggle bus when it comes to conjuring up a burst of inspiration to tackle a project or take on a new task. The good news is it’s never too late… Continue reading 5 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Mood

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The Grass is Greener … Or Is it?

We're all familiar with the age-old cliche, "the grass is greener on the other side." Chances are, we've used it before in some element of our lives. Whether we long for a more rewarding relationship, flexible job, or a bigger home in a nicer suburb, we're conditioned to believe there is always more we could… Continue reading The Grass is Greener … Or Is it?

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The DIY Recipe for Happiness

With the holidays coming up, it’s hard to log onto the web without seeing multiple Pinterest or Instagram ideas on crafting your own holiday gifts. I’m not a terribly crafty person myself, but do occasionally browse these sites from time to time in hopes of finding something to concoct rather than purchasing yet another material… Continue reading The DIY Recipe for Happiness

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How Living on a Budget Can Increase Your Happiness

It’s a strange concept to consider, as the only thing that most folks have ever heard is “money brings happiness” and that the more money we have, the fewer restrictions we’re given. While it’s no surprise that having a comfortable income creates less friction in our social lives, quite the opposite can be true if… Continue reading How Living on a Budget Can Increase Your Happiness